Edwin x Léger Laptop Case

Spring / Summer 2014 sees the second collaboration between Edwin Europe and Atelier Léger, creating a beautiful, yet functional laptop case. Based in the heart of Lyon, Léger continue to produce limited runs of hand-crafted bags and leather goods. 

Born out of a pre-existing friendship and passion for simplicity, functionality and durability, this collaboration denotes fun and a sense of adventure. 

This practical case is designed to accommodate 13" devices and is made to order, taking up to four hours to complete.

Created using Edwin’s own 13.7oz Japanese rainbow selvage denim and premium brown vegetable leather tanned in France.

The lining and front closure are made of an unwashed denim, allowing it to age beautifully and take on the characteristics of its owners day-to-day movements. 

Each piece is hand finished with a natural coloured, heavy chain stitch.



We currently ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK.